Sports Betting 101

An organization accepted the bets placed on the outcome of a sporting event – bookmaker.

Bookie – A person who accepts bets in sports betting.

Chalk Player – A person betting on the underdogs rarely, usually a bet on favorite team.

Cover – in sports betting, refers to a cover point spread victory.

Dog – The team believes that to lose the most.

Dog Player – A person who sets usually bet on the underdog.

Double Bet – also known as a double or a twin-pop, is betting a double bet is a duplicate of the usual size of a single bet.

Favorite – The team expects to win a sporting event or a game.

Figure – The amount of money that is owed by or to a bookmaker for a sporting event complete.

Handicapper – A handicap is a person, and analyzed rates bets on sporting events, races, or games.

Handicapping – predicting the outcome of sporting events or games.

Line – The current odds or point spread on a particular sporting event.

Line Maker – A person who establishes the original and subsequent betting lines.

Odds – The likelihood of a particular outcome occurring, stated in number form.

Over – A sports bet in which the weather forecast, the combined total score of both teams will be above a certain sum.

Parlay – A bet with two or more teams where all teams to win for the better and to get higher payouts have to win.

Pick – sports predictions (namely basketball, baseball, football or picks), select the handicap teams or outcomes they think will have a positive result.

Spread – The predicted difference in outcome between the two teams.

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