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Soccer Online Betting

Soccer Betting Around the World

Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports as well as one of the world's most bet on sports.   Because it is actually so popular it is no wonder that soccer betting has become so popular as well both in  America, Europe as well as most of the rest of the world.  Because of the international appeal of soccer, there are professional soccer matches happening somewhere in the world almost year-round and the soccer betting is nonstop as well.  Thanks to the international appeal, most of the matches are televised as well, allowing the top soccer fan and sports punter the ability to watch a match, even if it is being played half a world away.


Choosing teams for soccer betting


There is no denying that most soccer fans have a favorite soccer team that they would love to see win.  However, there is actually a big difference between hoping for a win and putting money on a team to win.  Placing a small bet on a favorite team to win is fine but larger bets should be made with a focus on statistics and expert opinions, not simply the hope that a severe underdog will pull an upset victory.  Soccer is a game with low scores typically though and even one critical a miss could mean the end of an excellent run for a top team.  However, history and statistics are typically the best choices.  With the World Cup, when national pride is on the line and the best of soccer professionals meet to play soccer against the rest of the world, it is much more difficult to ignore emotion and punters have proven enough times that regardless of the odds, they can win or place well against the rest of the world’s offerings. 


Soccer betting options


One of the exciting aspects of soccer betting is the ability to bet on the outcome of matches, tournaments, and even to bet on individual players.  The variety of punts available to the Aussie bettor make soccer betting fun and ideal for everyone from the novice to the expert punter.  Some of the more popular bets include:


Choosing a straight bet on which team will win the game or tournament

Betting on the score which can be done for half time or the final

Determining the number of total goals throughout the game regardless of which team makes them

Player bets on which player will make the first goal, subsequent goals or who will make the final goal of the game

Asian Handicap bets which let punters choose who wins just the second half of a match

Soccer Betting Basics

For the novice soccer punter or the person who has experience with a pub bookmaker but is trying online soccer betting for the first time, the key is to keep the bets simple. 

Yes, there are many crazy options out there but the basics are the easiest to understand and start with.  After a couple of successful basic win/loss bets, a punter can more confidently start trying out different types of bets and especially before trying out live soccer betting options that many sports betting sites are beginning to offer? 

The excitement of an Asian Handicap bet, for instance, makes the second half of any soccer match more exciting, especially if one team has a handy lead but it is not something the novice should consider without having some experience with other types of bets. 

As mentioned, researching teams prior to any soccer bet is important.  For players wanting to try new types of soccer betting, some online sports betting sites have bonus bets and limited risk bets for new bets that most people have not tried.  This is actually an excellent way to try a new bet type without the risk typically associated with them.


The fascination with soccer betting


Soccer betting has been one of the most common sports bets for quite a while.  While the country actually does not grind to a stop whenever there is a match, certain matches and matchups will grab the nation’s attention and soccer betting goes through the roof when these matches and matchups occur.

Internet Soccer Betting

Betting is a favored pastime in around the world and online punters thoroughly enjoy their sports and races.  But not everyone can get out seeing their favorite event when they want to so they need to find more convenient ways to punt.  Internet betting has come a long way and is now the preferred method of placing bets.  It is fast, secure, easy, and convenient.  With the advances in technology, you can check scores; analyze odds, and place bets anywhere you are at any time of day.


The convenience of internet Soccer betting


With internet betting, you can track and manage your bets quickly and easily.  Instead of having to travel to a bookmaker or make phone calls to place a bet, you can use your internet connection from wherever you are to make bets at any time.  With the emerging advances in mobile betting, you can even use your cell phone or tablet to make bets and check the status even when you are not sitting at your computer.  With a few clicks, you can get to your account and do what you need to do.  You can make deposits, check odds, place multiple bets, and even request withdrawals without having to leave.


Internet Soccer betting saves time and money


Everyone these days works on a budget and tries to save money whenever possible.  But with internet betting, you don’t have to sacrifice your entertainment.  By making it more convenient and accessible it will actually save you money.  First, you don’t have to travel anywhere to place a bet, saving you on petrol and any related expenses.  Next, while trekking to the track or watching your favorite sport in person is always fun, the expenses can add up.  You typically have a few drinks and eat while you are there but with internet betting, you can save that money to allow you to bet.  Finally, online bookmakers can be highly competitive to earn your business.  So, get the best odds possible.  You will likely even find odds that are better than those you may find at the track.


Internet betting is easy to use


Most people today are online.  Many people have online access at home, work, and while mobile with the use of iPhones, smartphones, iPad, or tablets.  Online bookmakers make it as easy as possible for you to access your account and place bets.

 You will not see complicated websites or hard to understand processes.  Instead, you will find simple, user-friendly, intuitive web sites that even the most novices of internet users can navigate. 

Plus, if you ever have any difficulty, most online bookmakers have extensive customer support options to actually help you through any problems that may occur.


Internet betting is secure


Anyone who is well versed in using the internet understands how most transactions these days are secure.  However, for those who are wary of using internet betting because of a concern for security, rest assured your personal information, and more importantly, your finances are perfectly safe.

  Legitimate online bookmakers are licensed and regulated to ensure your funds are handled correctly and that online transactions are secure.  There are actually many requirements that must be met and regular audits to ensure compliance with these regulations. 

When you use internet betting you can be sure that your personal details will not be exposed nor will you be at risk of losing your money while making deposits, withdrawing, or placing bets.


Have fun with internet betting


Of course, the best reason for using internet betting is it is simply a lot of fun.  People who may not typically bet as often as they would like now have the opportunity to do so whenever they wish. 

When an anticipated race is coming up or your favorite team is playing a big tourney you can raise the stakes of the win by placing a bet on the outcome.  With internet betting, you have a vast array of betting options and events to bet on. 

Choose from races, sports, entertainment, financial markets, and even politics.  You can choose your level of bet whether you want to make the occasional punt or consider yourself a high roller.  Internet betting is for everyone and is available 24/7.

So if you’re one of the thousands of gamblers who like to legally bet n football, check out the sites above and start playing today.

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Horse Racing Betting Sites That Will Give You Plenty of Wins

Finding the best online race betting is not always an easy task. Not when betting on races is the second-most popular bets in the UK. Horse racing generates more than £3.7 million per year for the UK’s economy, and it continues to make history, as we speak. You don’t actually need to be a connoisseur to get goosebumps at the thought of Lester Piggott, Frankie Dettori, and Willie Carson.

Below you have all the latest offers and promotions from the best bookies for races this month. If you are a front runner for big wins, you should stay tuned in with us for the latest race betting sites & bonuses, key synopsizes of the UK’s biggest bookmakers.

Welcome bonuses – what should you look out for?

Knowing which horse betting bookmaker to sign up with requires a bit of research, and we’re here to help. You’ll need to be sure that the one you register with will provide you with everything you’ve been promised. Whether you’re actually a professional player or even an amateur wanting to crack the books on horse betting online, you’ll want to pay attention to the welcoming offers that operators showcase. If you’re not looking for welcome promotions and other offers are more appealing to you, that’s just a horse of another color, and we’ll come to that later in the article.

The way that welcome bonuses work differs from one horse bet site another. Some of them offer a free bet when you wager a certain amount, others will match your first deposit. It depends on the situation.

To give you an idea, scroll up to check 888’s welcome bonus of £40. In order to enjoy this, you’ll need to bet £10 straight after registering. Usually, you have around 30 days to use this welcome bonus, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the calendar. It’s wise to make big deposits on those horse betting sites online that offer a 100% welcome bonus.

Take 10Bet for example you can get up to £200 Welcome Bonus, which means that each horse bet you place will contribute a maximum of 100% towards fulfilling the turnover requirements. Bigger deposits = bigger wins. Another similar strategy applies to make the first deposit: with some operators, you’ll bet £5 and get £20 just like that (Coral).

With all this selection of welcome bonuses, it would be a shame not to try more out. There is a great variety of UK horse betting sites available and signing up with more than one would only increase the likelihood of winning bigger prizes.

For more details on what the online horse betting sites have to offer, please consult the table at the top of this page. Find the best horse betting sites here and pick the bonus that suits your style most.

Get on-going promotions with your favorite bookie

As mentioned previously in the article, if welcome bonuses are not your thing, not to worry. The most respected horse betting sites don’t forget about their newly registered players. Therefore offers and promotions are up for grabs in the world of best online horse betting all the time. Regular promotions, weekend prizes, cashback, progressive jackpots, refer-a-friend bonuses, and whatnot. In this case, the choice is super varied.

Here, we have selected for you the main types of offers available on the betting market so that you can actually get the hang of how horse betting online work in the UK.

Coral has the Best Price Guaranteed offer, which applies to all UK and Ireland online horse betting and the only thing you need to do is to place a bet, and you’ll get the best possible price as Coral will pay you at bigger odds. For example, if you bet a 2/1 and the odds fly off to 4/1, you will receive the 4/1 win. If it’s in the other way around, and the original 2/1 price shortens to evens, you’ll still receive the 2/1. It almost feels like… not losing at all. Remember that this promotion is available to bet on the day of the horse racing event.

Although not a very famous bookmaker site, BetBright is not to be overlooked. This horse betting bookmaker gives you a free bet if your horse finishes second by a head or less to qualify. The actual minimum bet you need to place is £5, and the maximum refund you can enjoy is £20. Note that free bet stakes don’t qualify for this promotion and the race you’re betting on must contain at least 5 runners in total.

Offers to depend, of course, on the horse betting sites you signed up with, but the majority of them are really doing their best to raise the bar within the industry. You can also find offers on the best odds or even giveaway tickets to the biggest horse racing events in the UK.

Finding the best horse racing betting sites

Sure, a generous welcome bonus is a good incentive to sign up with horse betting new sites, but they need to keep the sparkle alive soon after they’ve won you over. Sweeping you off your feet means great selection for betting on horses. Here are some of a few things to look at when scrolling up and down on UK horse betting sites: hosting professional races not only from the UK and Ireland but from all around the globe actually from South America to Asia altogether, is a good ace up the sleeve to have. Add to this virtual betting, horse racing mobile apps, tote pools, and… why not, friendly customer service available 24/7.

Coral grants members access to many live races, on which you can bet on from wherever you go. Mobile betting, on iPhone and Android devices, is ticked off. Live horse racing video stream, professional betting advice, and opinions given by the Racing Post, overviews, updates, racecourse overviews – this makes for one of the most comprehensive horse bet sites out there.

Fair enough though Coral has been around for quite a while, so it is an experienced bookmaker that knows what’s what, and how to keep surprising its members (in a good way). That doesn’t mean though that you should cold-shoulder to the other lesser-known online horse betting sites. BetVictor says and brags about Best Odds Guaranteed, Acca Insurance, and Betbright are trying their best with live streaming on all UK, Irish, and US racing.

The main reasons why you should actually pick one over the other are endless. The decision depends a lot on what you’re looking for in horse betting sites online. The table displayed at the top of our page reveals a great range of pros and pluses per each bookmaker’s horse betting market.

What is each way horse racing system?

Although this strategy can be used in all sports, betting on horses is where punters choose to apply this Each-Way system more often. In a nutshell, the each-way bet strategy implies that you place two bets combined in one: one to place, one to win. And you can use the second one if you feel that your horse has a pretty good shot at winning.

With its vast expertise, Coral is the one to turn to in order to double your stakes in an each-way bet. The terms for this system can be found above your Racecard, and there are even each-way bets where only 4 runners can be accepted (see Coral’s system, for example, but you’ll need to double-check with them first to see if less than 4 are accepted). Usually, it goes from 4+ runners. Basically, if your horse comes first, you win the “Win” and “Place” sides of your bet. If it comes second or more, you’ll receive a 1/4th or 1/5th of the odds you placed.

Who are the best new horse racing betting sites?

The most experienced online horse betting sites offer the biggest welcome bonuses, add regular promotions to their portfolio, expand their sports selection constantly, and optimize their offering on mobile all the time.

But you will never know what you’re actually missing out on if you won’t be on guard with other similar sites that are coming along. We mention here: JetBull, Guts, and BetVictor, which aren’t necessarily the newest kids on the block, but rather the less advertised ones.

Horse handicapping: How it can help you win

Before placing a bet on a horse, it’s important to know a thing or two about what’s happening on that racetrack. Handicapping will help you do just that: analyze a current race based on the race history of a horse. Here, handicap weight, jockey, and trainers’ records, track length, surface, conditions – everything are taken into account. There are also professional “handicappers” who usually write reviews and analysis, and you can use them to make a thorough study before wagering.

Take notes of the horse’s racing record, the class of the race, the surface, medications, equipment changes, winnings, and losses. It may sound like a massive job, but it gives you a more accurate idea on which horse to bet on and, of course, how much. This way, to bet on horses online becomes more of a viable profit-making idea.

Mobile betting options

After the horse betting sites revolution across the online sphere, soon enough, the betting frenzy went mobile. It had to. Consumers started being more active and more present “everywhere”, therefore bookmakers had to follow suit. They started creating mobile apps and incorporating their web features into applications. There are still some bookmakers that require users to download special software to be able to bet on horses, but even if that’s the case, the process is pretty straightforward.

Most horse betting sites have mobile apps available on Android and iPhone devices and can be downloaded from both the iTunes or the Google Play store, online. Alternatively, with the HTML5 dynamic websites, members can easily go to the bookmakers’ website on their smartphone or smart tablet, log in, and actually play along. This is the new horse betting and it is the way to go in the 21st century.

Also, many operators have specific offers tailored only for those interested in betting on mobile. Interested?

How can you avoid scam websites?

In this titanic online realm, it’s quite difficult to find 100% trustworthy horse betting sites, and you shouldn’t get fooled by the looks of each website. Some of the biggest bookmakers that you’ve probably heard of are completely legal, but you’ll need to watch out for the shady ones. Sometimes, applying the “it’s too good to be true” rule works.

The safest bet is to check is social media as all websites that are mentioned here are completely legal and fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Which payment methods can you use?

It’s up to you. Usually, horse racing betting sites come with a wide range of payment methods that you can use when making a deposit or withdrawing your funds. You can go for bank cards (Visa, MasterCard) as they are fast and easy. But e-wallets usually tend to become more and more popular as well (PayPal, UKash, Skrill, Neteller). You can even use PayPal on a lot of betting sites these days.

Latest offers for new & existing customers

In the run-up to the biggest horse racing events, you’ll find most of the best bookmakers will run exclusive promotions, whether it’s enhanced odds, new welcome deals, etc. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest horse racing event offers in our offers section. Check here very regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on the best promotions.


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There is no shortage of people online claiming to be professional sports bettors. Anonymous forums are full of posters more than happy to claim they are experts on all things professional punting, and even give you their two cents about a hot topic or an upcoming game.
A quick Google of “sports handicapper” will also give you page after page of “experts” willing to provide you with their analysis and tips for matches for almost any sport around the world. For a fee of course.
In theory, this wealth of knowledge available at the click of a button should make betting on sport a breeze.
Step 1: Read about how other guys have made millions Step 2: Pay for someone to do the analysis for you Step 3: Profit Except reality doesn’t quite work like that. You see professional gamblers (whether they bet on sport, racing, or in a casino), all have an edge. They have each found a way to play the game better than not only the bookmakers but also other punters. Without this edge, they are just another losing punter. For a professional gambler protecting an edge is extremely important. Give away the secrets and all of sudden everyone incorporates them in their betting. The market then reacts and the edge is gone. Not looking or wanting and wanting to give away any of their edges, most professional gamblers who aren’t in the business of supplementing their winnings by selling tips simply keep their mouths shut about exactly what they do and why. Similarly, those in the business of statistical analysis of sport keep their discoveries a closely guarded secret. Clubs and performance analytics businesses around the world spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year understanding how and why teams and players win matches. Just like a professional gambler, sharing these results means giving away a performance edge. So the opportunity to learn from someone who is a real-life expert in sports betting or sports analytics is like finding gold. Luckily for many and many of us though there are a number of resources available online where you can not only learn from many of these experts but get ideas to implement in your own handicapping and analysis to find your own profitable betting edge. Below are 10 of the best free sport betting resources available to learn from experts in both sports betting and sports analytics. Regardless of your skill and knowledge level, or the sport you bet on, each sports punters should visit all ten to see what they can learn and apply to their own betting. IAmA Professional Gambler Reddit
In 2019 Reddit hosted a Q&A session with a professional sports bettor, who although anonymous, provided a screenshot of their Pinnacle Sports account to verify their credentials. Even two years on the thread is a must-read for anyone dreaming to one day become a professional gambler and is equally fascinating for those simply interested in betting on sport recreationally. From how the poster was kicked out of home at 16 for his “gambling habit”, to steam plays, handicapping, staking, and betting at online casinos there is a huge amount to learn in what is a very easy and entertaining read.
Sportsbook Review of Forums
It’s one thing to be able to read articles and watch videos about a concept, but sometimes you may need to clarify information or be able to ask questions to really understand the information you are being given. Perhaps the best place available online to interact with other punters who are willing to share their knowledge and experience is the Sportsbook Review forum. From basic questions and betting concepts, general chat about upcoming games, through to developing advanced betting models using coding, the forum has something for everyone of all levels. Like all forums of course there are big talkers, trolls, and generally people who think they know more than they really do. But there are also many members willing to help others and share their knowledge. If nothing else, the forums are worth a visit for intermediate punters beginning to take their betting more seriously to learn from the “Handicapper Think Tank”, where some more advanced topics are discussed. Article-Sites
Pinnacle Pulse
It may seem counter-intuitive, and even like a well-laid trap. But believe it or not, one of, if not the best free sport betting resource is actually written and published by a bookmaker. With a high turnover business model, it is in the best interest of Pinnacle Sports to have people betting with them, and in large amounts. Starting in 2005, the Pinnacle Pulse not only provided background and explanation on betting theory but applied it to upcoming matches so punters could see the theories in action. This insight into not only the inner workings of one of the biggest books in the world but also its biggest punters was (and still is), revolutionary. Today Pinnacle continues to publish articles on betting theory, staking, statistics, and statistic and analytical investigations into a wide range of sports. Sure the Pulse does have the occasional fluff article to help with search engine optimization or targeted squarely at beginner and casual punters, but there are also some real gems that punters at any level can learn from. Put simply, without understanding the basic concepts covered in the Pinnacle Pulse you shouldn’t be allowed to bet with the best bookmaker in the world. The back catalog of Pinnacle Pulse articles at Bettors World and the Pinnacle Sports library of current articles JustinSBR Youtube channel
We should all know by now that YouTube is one of the best resources available to learn about any topic. Sports betting is no different, scratch the surface of the usual scammy videos convincing you to buy this or that product and you can find some great resources to improve your punting. It is hard to search the internet for information about sports betting without stumbling across Justin7 from Sportsbook Review at some stage. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), many more people would know Elihu Feustel from his Justin7 avatar than his real name, as his impact on the online sport betting as been immeasurable. Credited as the ghostwriter for the original Pinnacle Pulse, Feustel is himself a professional gambler and has worked for betting syndicates and bookmakers alike. He is also co-author of the outstanding book Conquering Risk, Attacking Vegas and Wall Street, another (not free), must-read for any aspiring punter. But for those wanting quick, easy to understand, and easy to digest introductions to basic sport betting concepts, Feustel’s videos on the JustinSBR YouTube channel are an amazing resource. Sure they are now a few years old, the editing isn’t great (and in places quite funny), and the graphics are basic at best, but the information is brilliant and very easy to understand. While you won’t learn how to make your millions, you will certainly lay the foundation for a successful punting career by understanding the concepts in these videos. 42analytics Youtube channel
Held annually at one of the world’s best universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference brings together some of the best and brightest from the world of sports analytics. From academics to coaches and industry professionals there simply isn’t a public gathering about the past, present, and future of sport like Sloan. The great news for punters around the world is that we have the chance to learn from these great minds and watch their presentations on the conference’s official YouTube channel 42analytics. Everything from learning what really matters in a UFC fight, the player efficiency ratings in American Football, to how teams use data to build rosters is available to watch. Recently the 42analytics channel became a paid channel (currently for an annual subscription fee of $38 Australian dollars), however, you can still try the channel for 14 days free of charge which is more than enough to see if it is worth purchasing. Betting 360 Podcast
If you’re anything like me, listening to podcasts has become a part of everyday life. Being able to listen about almost any topic while walking to work, exercising, or drifting off to sleep is not only an efficient use of time but a great way to learn more about the world. Like YouTube though, a search through the iTunes Store’s list of podcasts brings up more marketing spin than actual information about sports betting. From very questionable information to simply hawking tips and products, it can seem like a very baron place for valuable information. Luckily for us though, Australian tipping service Champion Picks publishes its own regular series of podcasts which provides great information and interviews with experts across a range of different sports and racing codes. Hosted by Champion Pick’s David Duffield, the Betting 360 Podcast features interviews with professional punters, tipsters, and industry participants. Free to listen to, and in reasonably short and easy to digest lengths each podcast contains great information that you can apply to your own betting regardless of whether the particular sport or racing code is relevant to your betting. Even listening to how professional punter prices and rates a harness race can have small pieces of information applicable to all betting. David is also a strong advocate of value betting models and strong bankroll management, something he quizzes most guests on. It is also interesting to hear professional punters speak about their lifestyle, what a working day entails, and just how much work and discipline are required to be a professional punter. Yes at the end of the day there is some spruiking of Champion Pick’s products, but at no stage does this take away from the great content of the podcasts. Expert-Blogs
Matter of Stats
When it comes to understanding the depth of statistical knowledge needed to become a professional punter there is no better demonstration than Matter of Stats. And in an internet full of very ordinary websites about sports betting simply pushing garbage products, Matter of Stats is the gold standard to which they should all aspire. Written by Tony Corke (and ably assisted by his dog Chi), Matter of Stats delves deep into statistical analysis of Australian Rules Football, uncovering exactly how and why teams win a match of football. Not only has Tony written many articles on statistical analysis on various elements of the game, but he has also developed a number of predictive models. In what must be almost unique to the internet, Tony takes the reader behind the curtain of the models explaining the concepts behind each and giving a warts and all review of their performance (which in some cases are impressive), and tips for upcoming matches. Anyone visiting the site (which should be everyone betting on any sport), should ensure they start on the MoS Primer page, before delving deeper into the rabbit hole. Whether you bet on AFL or not (or even know what AFL is), Matter of Stats is a must-read. Your betting juices will begin flowing and regardless of the sports, you bet on as there is something for all punters to learn. Matter of Stats
When it comes to betting on great sports like tennis there simply isn’t a higher authority than Dan Weston. Whether it is at his own site TennisRatings, or through his articles at the Pinnacle Pulse (some of which are cross-posted on Sports Betting Insider), Dan provides a depth of knowledge and understanding of analysis of tennis and tennis betting that isn’t available anywhere else, especially for free. A one-on-one sport with repeated contests and matches almost every day of the year across multiple time-zones, tennis is tailor-made for betting like almost no other. These traits have made tennis a highly liquid market, especially with live betting and trading and a perfect niche for many sports bettors. While Dan offers a number of statistical products and books about betting on and trading tennis, the free articles available on TennisRatings are a must-read for anyone who either bets on tennis or would like to start. Dan’s articles on the Pinnacle Pulse also provide a great example of those interested in analyzing starting prices and market efficiency. The Power of Goals
Another regular contributor of articles to the Pinnacle Pulse, Mark Taylor also has his own personal blog “The Power of Goals”. The Power of Goals is primarily a football-based blog where Mark publishes a range of different articles based on the statistical analysis of football matches. While articles on this blog may not directly be applicable to betting like Mark’s articles on the Pulse, many of the concepts discussed can easily be incorporated into betting models or used to form the basis of further investigations. From rating player performances, investigating free kicks, how and when goals are scored, and the performance of teams at different stages of the year, there is a lot that can be learned from the blog. Mark also provides links to many of his other articles around the internet with more direct betting applications on the blog including the Pinnacle Pulse (some of which are cross-posted on Sports Betting Insider), and Betting Expert. Academic-Articles
Google Scholar
When we talk about experts in any field it is impossible to ignore academics. These are people who have dedicated their lives to a particular discipline and have become experts in their respective fields. Luckily for us not only are their many academics from universities around the world who study betting and sports analytics, but much of their knowledge and research is published for us to access for free. While many academic journals required a subscription to read articles, increasingly many articles are being made available for free by university libraries through Google Scholar. Like your standard Google search, Google Scholar allows you to search a vast database of academic articles and published books to find information about any subject. Even though some articles might be heavy reading for those without an academic background, it is worth the time and effort of searching Google Scholar to see what information may be already available. This is particularly useful for any punters developing their own betting models, as there may already be research available to help you include or discount different aspects of statistics.


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Bet365 £200 Free Bet & Online Bookmaker Review

Bet365 £200 Free Bet & Online Bookmaker Review

Go to the Bet365 website ✔

bet365We have played at Bet365 and they are very good. I have also spoken to friends who have accounts with numerous bookmakers and Bet365 always gets a big shout. They are very price-conscious and do their best to be as competitive as possible. This is a firm that does not standstill.

The in-play betting options are comprehensive. The website is fast. It has it all and the biggest of the free bets at £200 for the sports betting section. They also give the ‘best price guaranteed’ on horse racing. That means if you take a price on a horse and its Starting Price is bigger then you get the higher odds.

This is a bookmaker that is truly based in the UK, Stoke in fact and they own the football club there too. The CEO and founder of the online business, Denise Coates CBE, got that pretty little New Year’s honor at the start of 2012 from the Queen in recognition for employing so many people (a couple of thousand) and doing such a good job. I think the phrase was for ‘services to business and the community.’

Do you think a firm with such a pedigree, and so much on the national business radar, would behave in any other way than fairly and honestly towards its player base? Bet365 is a firm we are happy to pass a solid recommendation on for and below we review them in even greater detail.


This is a UK based sports bookmaker with a good reputation for offering quality streaming and in-play betting of sporting events directly from their site. They have an excellent selection to bet on and a generous first deposit offer for new punters. First established in 1974, they’ve had plenty of time to get their offer right and now provide such good sports betting product that few punters will go looking elsewhere for anything.

Bet365 Free Bet & Bonuses

As far as deposit bonuses go, Bet365′s offers to vary depending on your location as follows:

UK: £200 free bets.

Rep. Of Ireland: €200 free bets.

Rest of Europe: 100% first deposit bonus up to €100.

Rest of World: 100% first deposit bonus up to $200.

There are terms and conditions that apply to this offer so see the “more details” section where this offer is promoted. There’s also a separate mobile betting bonus of 100% up to €50 when you bet a minimum of €1 via mobile.

Clicking on the services menu and then on promotions will open a window where you’ll find a list of promotions for all sports. These include enhanced odds on certain markets, money back for goal-less draws and extra bonuses on accumulator bets for football (soccer); best odds guaranteed, free bets for better than 4/1 wins, and disqualified runner payouts on Horse racing, plus promos on other sports such as Baseball and Basketball.

Site experience

Bet365You’d be forgiven for thinking that the sport home page is rather dull and drab looking, but you do quickly see beyond that and notice the handy little functions that make the whole betting process easier and faster.

Unlike most other sports betting sites, Bet365 has four columns on the home page, which you’d think would be overly cluttered, but the design is arranged in such a way that it isn’t too complicated and actually means you don’t have to scroll miles down the page to see all your opportunities.

The left side is where you’d expect to find the list of sports in A-Z order and Bet365 doesn’t go breaking the mold in this respect, which is a good thing! A very smart little feature of this sidebar is the fact that you can fold it away once you’re done with it, so you’re left with the thinnest reference point, dotted with recognizable icons for each sport that not only do the job of labeling the sport but also lend a touch of character to the whole site.

Next to the sports sidebar, underneath the ‘Join Today’ section advertising the sign-up bonus, is the Live In-Play section. This lists the live sporting events for the day that are available to bet on in-play, along with their match prices and live event time. There’s a little button you can click to see only the televised in-play events, next to which is the link to the In-Play Diary. Clicking on that will bring up a page headed with the days of the coming week, each of which has details of the day’s upcoming in-play events arranged in time order and indicating where it will be televised, if available. Bookmark it so you don’t miss anything.

Back to the home page and the 3rd column consists of a Top Coupons section, followed by two very handy little sections, one underneath the other, that each contains 4 little dots then you can click to scroll through the top sporting events for the day, along with their associated markets. This is a perfect way to get all the top content on the page without over-stuffing it and making it difficult to navigate. But if you decide you don’t fancy that extra section, you can always tuck it away by clicking the two opposite-facing arrows to the far right of the page labeled switch layout.

And finally, the last section on the right is where you’ll find your bet slip, some cross-promo ads for other offerings such as Casino and Poker, an advert for one of the Bet365′s sports promos (the placement of which underneath the Casino and Poker ads is a little unusual), and another user-defined rotating section for football (soccer) league outright prices and highlights.

That’s a lot of information on one page but they have managed to find ingenious ways of keeping it all tidy and clutter-free.

At the very top of the page, you’ll find options for changing the language to one of 16 choices, your price display options from decimals, fractions, or American, as well as your link to live to stream and live chat. Everything else is all under the Services drop-down box, including your link to info about mobile betting options, which are also supported by Bet365.

Sporting events

You’ll find pretty much every sport you can think of listed, including some you probably wouldn’t think of too! Sports include Football (soccer), Horse racing, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Snooker, Hockey, and plenty more.

Clicking on ‘More Sports’ will reveal the rarer sports such as Rowing and Water Polo and you can also find winter sports to bet on here.

Under the ‘specials’ section, you can find non-sport betting opportunities, such as political and entertainment-related markets including General Election, Big Brother, X-Factor, The Voice, and that sort of thing.

Additional nifty features

One of the best additions, and one that’s helped Bet365′s reputation tremendously, is the live streaming sport. This gives you the chance to browse through sports events, place your bets, then watch the action unfold live, maybe have an in-play bet, all in the one place. There is also audio commentary available for Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Football (soccer), and Cricket. There’s a huge amount of data available for the following results, analyzing form and checking out stats, should you be that way inclined.

Payment methods

Deposit methods vary depending on your location but generally include the following: all major credit/debit cards, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Instadebit, Click2Pay, Ukash, Paysafe Card, Entropay, bank transfer, and cheque. The minimum deposit amount is as little as €1 for some methods, but bear in mind the minimum deposit amount to qualify for a bonus is generally €10. You can also withdraw using the same method you used to deposit, except Ukash, though remember there will be a minimum withdrawal amount for each method.


Support is available 24/7 via email, live chat, callback service, phone, fax, and post. There is a very detailed FAQ section you might want to check out first though when considering any query you may have.

Our Verdict

This is possibly the best all-round experience any sports bettor can have. The betting options can not be surpassed and the integrity of the site is unquestioned. In addition, there is a casino, poker, and bingo and they are all with the biggest and best networks. This is one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK in recent years and we can see why. Bet365 screams quality for the punter.



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The demand for different sports has resulted in an increasing demand for sports betting around the world. Sports betting can ‘is a common activity, sports betting results with the outcome of a sporting event to predict. Many sports fans believe that sports betting, the excitement of the game that comes thereby increasing the leagues, teams, and players. Though many bet on sports to make money, there are many who bet just to add excitement and fear to the sporting activity.

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Most people will look at sports betting and think the same old thing: It’s fun, but you can not really live on.


Betting on sports can be an incredibly reliable source of cash. But just when it’s done properly. By that I mean, you have to take the fun out of it. Citing the chance is there that we fill the bookmakers’ pockets. And that’s why most people only have the odd $ 20 on a football game. The way we use these days technology, gathering statistics makes a simple thing to do. So, from the comfort of your own computer, you can process a variety of information and statistics with which you bet almost full proof.

Online sports betting is now a huge business, couple that with our ability to process with Statistics technology, and we have a winning sports betting system. The fact is that horse wins rarely random. It wins because of its better training facilities had better jockey, or, better racing conditions on that day. If you eliminate the random element, you start to look at the basic statistics, and that’s when you get to start every time. Well, I’m not saying you have to sit there on the computer and do all the processing itself stat. Although technology is great, we still can not handle that much information in a short time.

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Let us now review the 2020 NFL football betting schedule and try to find the most boring games in any given week combined with a good number of marquee match-ups that will help draw attention away from your target football betting bet.  Remember that no matter how bad one or two sides of a match-up might be perceived, sports bettors will always wager heavily on Sunday night and Monday night games so that we will eliminate them from the overall equation.

In reviewing this schedule, it is essential to know which teams will be perceived as slackers early on.  We can only judge by early predictions and future odds set by football betting bookmakers. 

Making Your Money Count For NFL Betting

Online Gamblers beware! Most internet gambling information you read, see, or hear in regard to offshore betting sports is misinformed, erroneous or simply designed to make you lose your money before you even place a wager. In order to be a successful sports gambler, you have to have skills in money management, play selection, a good attitude, and reasonable expectations as to what you can expect to win if you are successful. Next, you will find a method of money management as an eye-opener:

Size of Bet                 Minimum Bankroll 

$20 -                          $30 per game

$1,000 -                      $2,000

$40 -                           $50 per game

$2,000 -                      $3,000

$100 per game             $5,000

$500 per game              $25,000

NFL Football Betting Tips


I can't stress this enough: You cannot just go into a sportsbook, check out the lines, and plunk down your cash. You must shop around. You can escape laying or taking the worst numbers once in a while, but over the long season, it will drain your bankroll.


You can get away with laying big lumber in college, where the talent level between teams is huge. But in the NFL, anyone can win on any given Sunday, as the cliché states. You get the point! Don't fall in love with "public" teams that are double-digit favorites to win week after week. They will destroy you.


A majority of recreational bettors are "over" players, so it makes sense to bet "unders" later in the week after the totals have been driven up. This holds especially true for TV games. Oddsmakers automatically inflate totals, knowing the public loves to bet on anything it can watch.

You don't have to know the names of every starting quarterback in the NFL or how many returning starters a college team has, but what you should be looking for are holes in the lines makers number. The best way to accomplish this is to find a power rating you are comfortable with and stick to it. There are lots of newsletters that publish weekly power ratings. In most cases, you can line your birdcage with them, but check out how closely they are to the posted line. If the publication is 8 to 10 points off, burn it. Do not look to come up with a play for every game. Be selective and find three or four solid plays.


I try to stay away from the glamour teams. Oddsmakers tend to have a better opinion on teams in the top 25. Therefore, it's easier to find bargains in the lesser-known programs. And with all the information available these days, you must be as well informed as the man taking your bet. Everyone is usually on the same side each week. If you don't get in early, you're going to pay a terrible price.


If you ever stop in a Las Vegas Sportsbook, remember that those free drinks and big fat chairs were paid for with parlay and teaser cards.


If a game is on TV you do not mean you have to have a bet on it. No one cares about which games you play on. You should watch those games but only to pick up information for the future.


This comes into play always after a Monday-night rout. A lot of bettors now want to cash in the following Sunday, but so does everyone else. One bad game or one lackluster performance means very little next Sunday.


Do not be afraid to lay big wood in college games. You probably have noticed college numbers move much more than those in the NFL. It is common for a college line to move 6 or 7 points, while a two-point move in the pros is huge. This is because of the parity in the NFL and the wide talent levels in college.


Casual fans often become overly impressed with teams that run up big scores week after week against inferior competition. When they finally play someone of equal talent, often they show their true colors. Who a team has played is often more important than how a team has played.

NBA Playoffs Predictions and Tips to increase your bankroll

Monday, August 31st, 2020

It’s Win or Go home for the Nuggets and Jazz as the series goes to game 7

The stunned Jazz learn that tough losses are part of the playoff process, and they now must regroup and respond after Jamal Murray went for 50 and led the Nuggets to a 119-107 win.

Welcome to the playoffs. We know they tore your hearts into little Mitchell pieces and sprinkled them all over the bubble in Florida but guess what? That’s life in the playoffs. It happened to better teams and now that you’re better than you were, it’s happening to you. Becoming good isn’t the same as winning.

It happened to the Lakers in the 1984 Finals when they routed Boston in Games 1 and 3 but lost a 115-113 lead at the end of Game 2, when Gerald Henderson stole James Worthy’s pass and blew a five-point lead in the last minute of Game 4. The Celtics prevailed in Game 7 in Boston Garden.

The Lakers stayed over amid the wild celebration, clinging to each other. Magic Johnson’s friends, Isaiah Thomas and Mark Aguirre stayed up with him. Coach Pat Riley, who sat around with assistant coach Bill Bertka and their wives, called it “the longest night of my life.”

BET on the NBA Playoffs! We bring a special promotion for our players who enjoy playing parlays! Every day an advantageous line, a money line (+100), or reduced point spread is offered to our players that wager 5 team parlays or more.

NBA Playoff Tips: Celtics hammer the raptors to take game one of the series.Posted in Sports, Basketball, NBA Basketball, NBA Draft, NBA Finals, NBA Playoffs, Sports Betting, Sportsbooks, Detroit Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks 

The Defending champs Raptors must regroup if they hope to advance

Monday, August 31st, 2020

After Toronto’s heartbreaking loss to the Celtics where they trailed the whole game, the defending NBA champions Raptors find themselves in a very unfamiliar position… a must-win situation or the season could suddenly be over because statistics on coming back from a 0-3 deficit show a dismal picture.

You can use any cliché you want about the Raptors current dilemma… they’re up against the ropes. Their backs are up to the wall…they have to pick themselves up from the canvas… any of those will do. But the one thing the Raptors can’t worry about is what lies beyond Game 2.If the Raptors can stay alive with a Game 2 win, the series and the pressure would actually shift back to the Celtics, because they know deep down they caught some major breaks to win the opening game of this round.

The Raptors will try to catch-up up their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Celtics at 1-0 when the teams meet in Game two of their best-of-seven affair. Seeking its second consecutive championship in two seasons, Toronto will be forced to rally from a 1-0 series deficit - something it never has done in this era. If the series does not even up on Tuesday night, the Raptors will not want to take their chances in a wild Game three which would be a must-win situation. Even though the Celtics squandered two great chances to win in the earlier round, they eventually prevailed and eliminated the reeling Sixers.

These are, after all, the defending champions, and no one expects them to go down easily so this will be quite an interesting series going forward. The series continues for Game three on Thursday.BET on the NBA Playoffs! As we bring you a special promotion for our players who enjoy playing parlays! Every day an advantageous line, a money line (+100) or reduced point spread is offered to our players that wager 5 team parlays or more.
NBA Playoff Tips: Clippers win Game six to close out Dallas 4-2 Posted in Sports, Basketball, NBA Basketball, NBA Draft, NBA Finals, NBA Playoffs, Sports Betting, Sportsbooks, Detroit Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks Clippers veterans’ stepped up their game vs Mavericks in pivotal Game six.

Monday, August 31st, 2020

If this year’s playoff run has taught Clippers fans – and possibly some of the Clippers, themselves – about the regular season, it’s that patience is an indispensable virtue.

The players who might be new to winning a championship lesson are probably the Clips young bucks. As far as the fans go, after eight years of wandering in the postseason-less desert, it’s easy to understand their frustration.

The Clippers veterans – players like Kahwi and Paul George have championship pedigree and that to veteran coach Doc Rivers and you have a team with championship aspirations out of the western conference.
Kahwi led the Clippers with 33 points in last night’s thriller. The Mavericks looked content to give him a lane to the basket, and the former Raptors star looked content to take it. All told, Kahwi played all 40 minutes as he carried the load with stats stuffer 33 points, fourteen rebounds, seven assists, and five steals. He had just three turnovers in 40 minutes of action.

In the Clippers regular season, Kahwi is averaging 27.1 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 4.9 assists with a PER of 26.91. But, whether he scores or not, he does what he’s done all year – lock down an opponent with tenacious defense. The Dallas rookie phenom Doncic finished with 38 points but while the future is bright for the mavericks, missing his running mate Porzingis was a big deal for this team.

Dallas championship window is now just opening up so look for them to be a threat going forward.  The second round begins and the action on the hardwood figures to be intense. With the Clippers and Lakers both advancing and waiting for the Jazz and Rockets series to conclude and move to the semis.

Things are getting tight but it sure looks like a Clippers Lakers western conference final may be in the works.  Clippers Paul George had a quiet 15 points in that Dallas game but even he will tell you that the bubble has affected him psychologically and he has yet to find his groove.