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Guide to sports betting and useful information about sports and the best opportunities for good free bet betting bet on the game from England Soccer, poker and sports.

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- English championship of professional football.

The British Championships are classified in four of professionalism.

The English football league is under the auspices of the Football Association, the Football Association of England. Since 1992, the English premier league, called the FA Premier League. It is the oldest football league club in the world: Its origins date back to 1863, the year the Football Association or FA.

- Italian championship of professional football.

The Italian Championships of professionalism are classified into four.

The Italian soccer league is a collection of national tournaments, the Italian football federation (FIGC) is set. The championships are organized and divided into 10 stages, the first 4 framed in the profession, while the remaining six are for amateurs.

- German Championships of professional football.

The German Football League is a series of alloys.

At the top of the German football league system.


The German league has the following business areas:

First First league (literally: the first division), better known as the 18-team league-known

Second Bundesliga (literally second division) – 18 teams

Third Third League (literally third division) – 20 teams

4th Regional (Regional truest sense of the word) into three groups, North, West and South split

5th League (literally higher league), with 12 subdivisions

The last two teams relegated from the Bundesliga in the league and are the two top teams in the league replaced. The sixteenth in the league and the third-placed league ranks to play a promotion-relegation play-off in two games (round trip). The last four teams in the Bundesliga standings to resign in the 3rd Division.

- French league.

The French Professional Football League is divided into three categories related hierarchically.

The highest division of football in France, the League 1

Structure: The League in France is divided into the following stages:

First Ligue 1 (20 pro teams);

Second Ligue 2 (20 pro teams);

Third (Semiprofessionistiche 20 teams) national;

4th CFA (4 groups of 18 amateur teams);

5th CFA 2 (8 groups of 16 amateur teams);

6th Ligues régionales, namely regional divisions;

7th Districts départementaux de football, that the provincial championship.

Spanish Football League.

The Spanish league is a collection of tournaments in several categories, each divided under the umbrella of the Real – Federación Española de Fútbol.

The Primera Division (also known as La Liga known) is the highest Spanish league football. The winner is awarded the title of champion of Spain.

- The Portuguese league.

The Portuguese Football League Primeira League as the top division, called Liga Sagres (for sponsorship reasons) from the 2008-2009 season.

The league comprises sixteen teams Primeira. The last two teams in the Liga de Honra banned. The highest wins the title of champion of Portugal. The team won the championship and second place, right on the Champions League. The third pre-qualified to compete in the Champions League. The fourth and fifth ranked teams have direct access to the Europa League.

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