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We have NFL betting odds every day on this website. We have compiled the most comprehensive NFL betting odds online so that you can have football betting information public access.

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NFL Betting Tips

The most popular sporting event to bet would be NFL Betting. Why do so many people bet on pro football? We will look into the answer to that question as we start to go over the many aspects of NFL betting. Nearly everyone I know looks forward to each NFL Sunday. And we can't wait for every exiting Monday night football match. Part of the fascination with NFL betting is that it appears very simple. Point spreads on the NFL betting line up are available in virtually every major newspaper. And most people you talk to have an opinion on almost every football game. That makes for an exciting conversation every week. Another factor is that each NFL betting team plays only once a week. It is not every day, so we look forward to every Sunday and Monday all week long.

NFL Football Betting Odds

Sports betting odds can be described as the chances or probabilities of a particular team winning. Gambling odds on football games can be expressed in many ways, the most accepted and widely used among them being straight-line wagers, totals, and money line wagers. Parlays are also an innovative way of expressing betting odds as it lures more people into placing bets because of the high payouts. NFL betting odds are football odds expressed for the NFL circuit.

Football betting is used for calculating how much you can win at a given stake. The odds found online are inversely indicative of the probability of a particular team winning. The higher the NFL betting odds on a team, the lower is its probability of winning. Sports gambling odds are available online in either European or American standards.

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Football Betting

What is the best football betting wager? To answer this question, one must think like a football betting bookmaker. The bookie will focus on games that are most appetizing to the general public. The least amount of attention will be paid to those match-ups appealing to the least amount of people.  Less attractive markets help add to this component.  That is not to say oddsmakers won't be on top of these football games, believes that the sports bettor does have a slight advantage when betting on them.

Let us now review the 2020 NFL football betting schedule and try to find the most boring games in any given week combined with a good number of marquee match-ups that will help draw attention away from your target football betting bet.  Remember that no matter how bad one or two sides of a match-up might be perceived, sports bettors will always wager heavily on Sunday night and Monday night games so that we will eliminate them from the overall equation.

In reviewing this schedule, it is essential to know which teams will be perceived as slackers early on.  We can only judge by early predictions and future odds set by football betting bookmakers. 

Making Your Money Count For NFL Betting

Online Gamblers beware! Most internet gambling information you read, see, or hear in regard to offshore betting sports is misinformed, erroneous or simply designed to make you lose your money before you even place a wager. In order to be a successful sports gambler, you have to have skills in money management, play selection, a good attitude, and reasonable expectations as to what you can expect to win if you are successful. Next, you will find a method of money management as an eye-opener:

Size of Bet                 Minimum Bankroll 

$20 -                          $30 per game

$1,000 -                      $2,000

$40 -                           $50 per game

$2,000 -                      $3,000

$100 per game             $5,000

$500 per game              $25,000

NFL Football Betting Tips


I can't stress this enough: You cannot just go into a sportsbook, check out the lines, and plunk down your cash. You must shop around. You can escape laying or taking the worst numbers once in a while, but over the long season, it will drain your bankroll.


You can get away with laying big lumber in college, where the talent level between teams is huge. But in the NFL, anyone can win on any given Sunday, as the cliché states. You get the point! Don't fall in love with "public" teams that are double-digit favorites to win week after week. They will destroy you.


A majority of recreational bettors are "over" players, so it makes sense to bet "unders" later in the week after the totals have been driven up. This holds especially true for TV games. Oddsmakers automatically inflate totals, knowing the public loves to bet on anything it can watch.


You don't have to know the names of every starting quarterback in the NFL or how many returning starters a college team has, but what you should be looking for are holes in the lines makers number. The best way to accomplish this is to find a power rating you are comfortable with and stick to it. There are lots of newsletters that publish weekly power ratings. In most cases, you can line your birdcage with them, but check out how closely they are to the posted line. If the publication is 8 to 10 points off, burn it. Do not look to come up with a play for every game. Be selective and find three or four solid plays.


I try to stay away from the glamour teams. Oddsmakers tend to have a better opinion on teams in the top 25. Therefore, it's easier to find bargains in the lesser-known programs. And with all the information available these days, you must be as well informed as the man taking your bet. Everyone is usually on the same side each week. If you don't get in early, you're going

to pay a terrible price.


If you ever stop in a Las Vegas Sportsbook, remember that those free drinks and big fat chairs were paid for with parlay and teaser cards.


If a game is on TV you do not mean you have to have a bet on it. No one cares about which games you play on. You should watch those games but only to pick up information for the future.


This comes into play always after a Monday-night rout. A lot of bettors now want to cash in the following Sunday, but so does everyone else. One bad game or one lackluster performance means very little next Sunday.


Do not be afraid to lay big wood in college games. You probably have noticed college numbers move much more than those in the NFL. It is common for a college line to move 6 or 7 points, while a two-point move in the pros is huge. This is because of the parity in the NFL and the wide talent levels in college.


Casual fans often become overly impressed with teams that run up big scores week after week against inferior competition. When they finally play someone of equal talent, often they show their true colors. Who a team has played is often more important than how a team has played


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