There is no shortage of people online claiming to be professional sports bettors. Anonymous forums are full of posters more than happy to claim they are experts on all things professional punting, and even give you their two cents about a hot topic or an upcoming game. A quick Google of “sports handicapper” will also give you page after page of “experts” willing to provide you with their analysis and tips for matches for almost any sport around the world. For a fee of course. In theory, this wealth of knowledge available at the click of a button should make betting on sport a breeze. Step 1: Read about how other guys have made millions Step 2: Pay for someone to do the analysis for you Step 3: Profit Except reality doesn’t quite work like that. You see professional gamblers (whether they bet on sport, racing, or in a casino), all have an edge. They have each found a way to play the game better than not only the bookmakers but also other punters. Without this edge, they are just another losing punter. For a professional gambler protecting an edge is extremely important. Give away the secrets and all of sudden everyone incorporates them in their betting. The market then reacts and the edge is gone. Not looking or wanting and wanting to give away any of their edges, most professional gamblers who aren’t in the business of supplementing their winnings by selling tips simply keep their mouths shut about exactly what they do and why. Similarly, those in the business of statistical analysis of sport keep their discoveries a closely guarded secret. Clubs and performance analytics businesses around the world spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year understanding how and why teams and players win matches. Just like a professional gambler, sharing these results means giving away a performance edge. So the opportunity to learn from someone who is a real-life expert in sports betting or sports analytics is like finding gold. Luckily for many and many of us though there are a number of resources available online where you can not only learn from many of these experts but get ideas to implement in your own handicapping and analysis to find your own profitable betting edge. Below are 10 of the best free sport betting resources available to learn from experts in both sports betting and sports analytics. Regardless of your skill and knowledge level, or the sport you bet on, each sports punters should visit all ten to see what they can learn and apply to their own betting. IAmA Professional Gambler Reddit
In 2019 Reddit hosted a Q&A session with a professional sports bettor, who although anonymous, provided a screenshot of their Pinnacle Sports account to verify their credentials. Even two years on the thread is a must-read for anyone dreaming to one day become a professional gambler and is equally fascinating for those simply interested in betting on sport recreationally. From how the poster was kicked out of home at 16 for his “gambling habit”, to steam plays, handicapping, staking, and betting at online casinos there is a huge amount to learn in what is a very easy and entertaining read.
Sportsbook Review of Forums
It’s one thing to be able to read articles and watch videos about a concept, but sometimes you may need to clarify information or be able to ask questions to really understand the information you are being given. Perhaps the best place available online to interact with other punters who are willing to share their knowledge and experience is the Sportsbook Review forum. From basic questions and betting concepts, general chat about upcoming games, through to developing advanced betting models using coding, the forum has something for everyone of all levels. Like all forums of course there are big talkers, trolls, and generally people who think they know more than they really do. But there are also many members willing to help others and share their knowledge. If nothing else, the forums are worth a visit for intermediate punters beginning to take their betting more seriously to learn from the “Handicapper Think Tank”, where some more advanced topics are discussed. Article-Sites
Pinnacle Pulse
It may seem counter-intuitive, and even like a well-laid trap. But believe it or not, one of, if not the best free sport betting resource is actually written and published by a bookmaker. With a high turnover business model, it is in the best interest of Pinnacle Sports to have people betting with them, and in large amounts. Starting in 2005, the Pinnacle Pulse not only provided background and explanation on betting theory but applied it to upcoming matches so punters could see the theories in action. This insight into not only the inner workings of one of the biggest books in the world but also its biggest punters was (and still is), revolutionary. Today Pinnacle continues to publish articles on betting theory, staking, statistics, and statistic and analytical investigations into a wide range of sports. Sure the Pulse does have the occasional fluff article to help with search engine optimization or targeted squarely at beginner and casual punters, but there are also some real gems that punters at any level can learn from. Put simply, without understanding the basic concepts covered in the Pinnacle Pulse you shouldn’t be allowed to bet with the best bookmaker in the world. The back catalog of Pinnacle Pulse articles at Bettors World and the Pinnacle Sports library of current articles JustinSBR Youtube channel
We should all know by now that YouTube is one of the best resources available to learn about any topic. Sports betting is no different, scratch the surface of the usual scammy videos convincing you to buy this or that product and you can find some great resources to improve your punting. It is hard to search the internet for information about sports betting without stumbling across Justin7 from Sportsbook Review at some stage. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), many more people would know Elihu Feustel from his Justin7 avatar than his real name, as his impact on the online sport betting as been immeasurable. Credited as the ghostwriter for the original Pinnacle Pulse, Feustel is himself a professional gambler and has worked for betting syndicates and bookmakers alike. He is also co-author of the outstanding book Conquering Risk, Attacking Vegas and Wall Street, another (not free), must-read for any aspiring punter. But for those wanting quick, easy to understand, and easy to digest introductions to basic sport betting concepts, Feustel’s videos on the JustinSBR YouTube channel are an amazing resource. Sure they are now a few years old, the editing isn’t great (and in places quite funny), and the graphics are basic at best, but the information is brilliant and very easy to understand. While you won’t learn how to make your millions, you will certainly lay the foundation for a successful punting career by understanding the concepts in these videos. 42analytics Youtube channel
Held annually at one of the world’s best universities, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference brings together some of the best and brightest from the world of sports analytics. From academics to coaches and industry professionals there simply isn’t a public gathering about the past, present, and future of sport like Sloan. The great news for punters around the world is that we have the chance to learn from these great minds and watch their presentations on the conference’s official YouTube channel 42analytics. Everything from learning what really matters in a UFC fight, the player efficiency ratings in American Football, to how teams use data to build rosters is available to watch. Recently the 42analytics channel became a paid channel (currently for an annual subscription fee of $38 Australian dollars), however, you can still try the channel for 14 days free of charge which is more than enough to see if it is worth purchasing. Betting 360 Podcast
If you’re anything like me, listening to podcasts has become a part of everyday life. Being able to listen about almost any topic while walking to work, exercising, or drifting off to sleep is not only an efficient use of time but a great way to learn more about the world. Like YouTube though, a search through the iTunes Store’s list of podcasts brings up more marketing spin than actual information about sports betting. From very questionable information to simply hawking tips and products, it can seem like a very baron place for valuable information. Luckily for us though, Australian tipping service Champion Picks publishes its own regular series of podcasts which provides great information and interviews with experts across a range of different sports and racing codes. Hosted by Champion Pick’s David Duffield, the Betting 360 Podcast features interviews with professional punters, tipsters, and industry participants. Free to listen to, and in reasonably short and easy to digest lengths each podcast contains great information that you can apply to your own betting regardless of whether the particular sport or racing code is relevant to your betting. Even listening to how professional punter prices and rates a harness race can have small pieces of information applicable to all betting. David is also a strong advocate of value betting models and strong bankroll management, something he quizzes most guests on. It is also interesting to hear professional punters speak about their lifestyle, what a working day entails, and just how much work and discipline are required to be a professional punter. Yes at the end of the day there is some spruiking of Champion Pick’s products, but at no stage does this take away from the great content of the podcasts. Expert-Blogs
Matter of Stats
When it comes to understanding the depth of statistical knowledge needed to become a professional punter there is no better demonstration than Matter of Stats. And in an internet full of very ordinary websites about sports betting simply pushing garbage products, Matter of Stats is the gold standard to which they should all aspire. Written by Tony Corke (and ably assisted by his dog Chi), Matter of Stats delves deep into statistical analysis of Australian Rules Football, uncovering exactly how and why teams win a match of football. Not only has Tony written many articles on statistical analysis on various elements of the game, but he has also developed a number of predictive models. In what must be almost unique to the internet, Tony takes the reader behind the curtain of the models explaining the concepts behind each and giving a warts and all review of their performance (which in some cases are impressive), and tips for upcoming matches. Anyone visiting the site (which should be everyone betting on any sport), should ensure they start on the MoS Primer page, before delving deeper into the rabbit hole. Whether you bet on AFL or not (or even know what AFL is), Matter of Stats is a must-read. Your betting juices will begin flowing and regardless of the sports, you bet on as there is something for all punters to learn. Matter of Stats
When it comes to betting on great sports like tennis there simply isn’t a higher authority than Dan Weston. Whether it is at his own site TennisRatings, or through his articles at the Pinnacle Pulse (some of which are cross-posted on Sports Betting Insider), Dan provides a depth of knowledge and understanding of analysis of tennis and tennis betting that isn’t available anywhere else, especially for free. A one-on-one sport with repeated contests and matches almost every day of the year across multiple time-zones, tennis is tailor-made for betting like almost no other. These traits have made tennis a highly liquid market, especially with live betting and trading and a perfect niche for many sports bettors. While Dan offers a number of statistical products and books about betting on and trading tennis, the free articles available on TennisRatings are a must-read for anyone who either bets on tennis or would like to start. Dan’s articles on the Pinnacle Pulse also provide a great example of those interested in analyzing starting prices and market efficiency. The Power of Goals
Another regular contributor of articles to the Pinnacle Pulse, Mark Taylor also has his own personal blog “The Power of Goals”. The Power of Goals is primarily a football-based blog where Mark publishes a range of different articles based on the statistical analysis of football matches. While articles on this blog may not directly be applicable to betting like Mark’s articles on the Pulse, many of the concepts discussed can easily be incorporated into betting models or used to form the basis of further investigations. From rating player performances, investigating free kicks, how and when goals are scored, and the performance of teams at different stages of the year, there is a lot that can be learned from the blog. Mark also provides links to many of his other articles around the internet with more direct betting applications on the blog including the Pinnacle Pulse (some of which are cross-posted on Sports Betting Insider), and Betting Expert. Academic-Articles
Google Scholar
When we talk about experts in any field it is impossible to ignore academics. These are people who have dedicated their lives to a particular discipline and have become experts in their respective fields. Luckily for us not only are their many academics from universities around the world who study betting and sports analytics, but much of their knowledge and research is published for us to access for free. While many academic journals required a subscription to read articles, increasingly many articles are being made available for free by university libraries through Google Scholar. Like your standard Google search, Google Scholar allows you to search a vast database of academic articles and published books to find information about any subject. Even though some articles might be heavy reading for those without an academic background, it is worth the time and effort of searching Google Scholar to see what information may be already available. This is particularly useful for any punters developing their own betting models, as there may already be research available to help you include or discount different aspects of statistics.


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