The secret to sports betting money management

The most important factor in winning consistent profits from sports betting is not how many games you win. Plain and simple, it is money management.

With a proper system for managing your bankroll, it is quite possible to win less than 50% of your pieces and still have a healthy and consistent profit.

Professionals, the few people who know bet on sports for a living, that it is not possible to win more than 65 – 70% of their plays, there are simply too many factors that affect the output of each to determine the game,. And it is impossible to prevent all factors. What they know is how the number and size of the bets they make to manage.

There are many money-management systems touted on the Internet. The problem is, most of them in fact a system, but very few of them address the most important factor – RISK!

Porfessional weather sports, such as equity investors follow cycles to follow trends All Trends; … And all these cycles have high and low periods, it is not difficult to trends in the sporting events on the ground, the mystery is a proven system to manage betting on this trend.

THE LABOURCHERE system (the Labby) is the money management system that use the pros. Was the principle of professional roulette player develops becasue we need to win only a 39% share to break even. And because most sports bettors can take at least 50% winners, even by accident, the Labby system provides for a consistent profit, but, more importantly, uses much less risk than the more popular systems, namely the Martingale, or double up system.

If the martingale, where you would double the bet after every loss, the progression looks like this:

You put $ 50 and you lose.

Your next bet is $ 100. If you lose:

Your next bet is $ 200. If you lose:

Your next bet is $ 400. If you lose:

Your next bet is $ 800. If you lose:

Your next bet is $ 1600. If you lose (well, you get the picture)

It does not matter how many times you double your bet, you will only win the $ 50 when you finally met. This takes into account all your progressions up to this point. Can you imagine risking to win a thousand dollars for a shot, 50 bucks? The risk simply far outweighs the benefits.

With Labby, suppose you start with a four-number line, you play the same $ 50 per game as in the example above, the line would be .. Martingale:


Their use is always the sum of the two outside numbers. As you can see above your base bet would be $ 50. Now, suppose that we lose our first bet. Lose a bet is placed at the end of the line and our new line would


Therefore, their next bet would be $ 75 (25 +50) as above highligted Suppose that we have our next bet, you win emphasize these two numbers and create your new line ..:


So your next bet would be back down to $ 50. Do you understand? Your goal is not so much to win every game or on the daily ups and downs, but our goal is to focus clear lines. Every two times we charge a line, we clarify our bet, and the growing bankroll means faster gains after we delete the line above 2 times would be our next line. 30-30-30-30 with a base bet of $ 60.

The best part about the Labourchere is that you back all your losses and without quadroupling doubling your bets. It is a safe and efficient way to maximize our bankroll, while minimizing risks.

Start with this system in your sports betting life, and you will take control of your system and gain profits.

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