The sports betting cancer

I'm sure you have all the ads for the handicap, the team inside information and have seen through it, The 5-star Palace of the year. You can more ads for such services in the sports to find page of every newspaper and on the Internet.

These services generally prey on a naive public, and the pursuit of a simple windfall. Usually these experts have an incredible and unbelievable winning percentage of about 80 percent. These observations are the calling card of unscrupulous scamdicapper.

Scamdicappers are a cancer in the sports betting public. You are not in the business of a service to its clients with wallet fattening picks. It really is a simple fraud, and whose customer base is virtually infinite, they can to fatten their wallets for good.

There will always be hundreds of naive players. Some may have dug themselves into a huge hole, while others are dollar signs in their eyes. Greedy or desperate, call one of these players professional artist for a free pick up and a big payday. By the time the phone is the player has money for a package that hacking is hung wired guaranteed to win.

These scammers do not even have to play their own selection. Like I said, it's all a scam and they make money selling on worthless picks as a service.

The scam is simple. All this has to do scamdicapper is any unsuspecting caller instructs you to bet on another team. This is done all know that the caller, the call back to win by mistake and purchase another more expensive package.

Example, four people call the same handicap service of the day, the service offers picks to the Patriots / Dolphins and the 49'ers / Seahawks game. Upon receipt of all relevant caller information (name, credit card number, telephone number, etc.) the service caller tells one that picks the Patriots are today and the 49'ers. Caller 2, the Seahawks and Dolphins are said to bet teams. The service directs callers bet 3 to the Patriots and the Seahawks while the Dolphins are 4 callers tell the 49'ers and the game today.

As you can see, is one of the callers go 2-0. The caller will be roped likely to pick an expensive package. Two other callers will end up 1-1 and only have to worry about paying juice. Both of these callers may believe to be the service another chance. To sweeten the deal and to turn them back into the lottery for the lucky and pick a subsequent picks package, you are promised a different choice.

The last caller loses both bets and probably a lot of money to either a bookmaker or online sports betting.

If you multiply this by hundreds of calls or more per week, you can understand how profitable is this scam. If you are the caller, the winning picks were received, chances are that you still get the winning picks is definitely not in your favor. Eventually you will lose any money you won with the lucky picks and could have done normally end up in a bigger hole than before that fateful call you. With the realization that you were cheated, it is an easy decision not to use this service.

If you already have a bad experience with a scamdicapper, you know that the service calls weeks after week. This follow-up conversations offer a free collection service for a second or third chance. If the caller succumbs to the harassing phone calls and purchases a package, they are back in the batting order for the lottery pick who will actually win. Even if the service you are no longer interested, or you ignore them say they still call every week or day offers a new package.

This is when the harassment continued. Scamdicappers are relentless and do not take no for an answer. They are dog and a holiday message offered by the sun and the moon, if you call back. These calls usually seems to increase in frequency. In a month or so, you will be calls from people you have never heard or even receive calls. To insult to injury, the sad truth of the matter should be added that the professionals sell their lists to their colleagues. By the next season, you have three or four of these bums call you. The only way that seems to calm the phone is by taking a new number.

I have first hand knowledge of these tactics. Years ago, before I learned to spend on sport and was fresh out of college with a little money in my pocket, I became a statistic when I bought a couple of picks. Luckily I only bought a one-week package, and I quickly saw the light off. A few months later I moved and failed to leave a call-forwarding. I never wanted to call another sports service number.

There are, however, are entitled handicapping services that offer a service to its customers. These services provide only picks that their employees and themselves thoroughly researched and are betting on himself.

If you want a handicap service, be sure to investigate and thoroughly research the handicapper and / or service marks. For security reasons, all questions that you answer questions. Each grade has handicap service, contact information and will answer all your questions.

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